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When we think of Las Vegas we tend to think of the gaming industry. Most people are aware of colorful characters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky who helped bring casinos to Las Vegas. However fewer are aware of our rich history of business and do not know much about business people who made their fortunes away from “The Strip”.

Waclark - wikipediaOriginally part of Mexico, the area around Las Vegas was sparsely populated until significant well digging took place. The availability of water attracted railroad tycoon and U.S. Senator William Andrews Clark.  Clark used what is today Las Vegas as refueling stop for the cross country railroad network he was building. When the U.S. government decided to build Hoover Dam the population of Las Vegas boomed, growing 5,000 to 250,000 people overnight. The inrush of single men with extra money on their hands resulted in the growth of the casino industry.

By the fifties Vegas was quite literally booming. Of course the expanding gaming industry brought growth, but the establishment of major military bases, including the forerunner to the mysterious Area 51 spurred growth. In fact one could pay to witness a nuclear test !!!

howard-hughes-msrivergirlIn the 1960s the enigmatic Howard Hughes came to Vegas largely to pursue contracts for Hughes Aircraft.  When told he had to leave his hotel he simply bought it. This began string of acquisitions that would see Hughes buy many of the hotels and casinos owned by organized crime and led to the more business oriented gaming of today.

800px-Tony_hsiehToday the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here. Tony Hsieh is a local legend. He founded the Zappos shoe company and made a fortune. Part of his philosophy was that he wanted a liveable fun working environment. When he was planning to move his headquarter from outside of the   city  to downtown, he was disappointed that the area was not well developed. Downtown Las Vegas does not get the attention that “The Strip” does. He decided to invest in his city and make downtown Las Vegas the next Austin or Bay Area.  He literally purchased city hall as his new headquarters and is now working to re-engineer the area. He calls it “Playing REAL Sim City“.

With visionaries like Clark, Hughes and Hsieh the future looks as bright for downtown as the lights of “Glitter Gulch”. If you want to bet a city that’s on the move come to Las Vegas. If you do come our way, call your friends in the moving business, All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Images courtesy of Msrivergirl, “Tony hsieh” by Delivering Happiness Book and Wikipedia.

Proposed Stadium Rendering via Cornish Cos.

The miasmic mingling of sweat and nacho cheese, the indecipherable congealing of boos and cheers, and those jerks that wear the other team’s jersey. Going to see your team play in a stadium may have a few drawbacks, but it’s also great to experience. We’ve seen the city council propose building a stadium of one sort or another every few years, but this Soccer Stadium could be the time it happens.

The main reason we don’t have a stadium is that it wouldn’t make enough money. With teams playing only seventeen home games per season, revenue would need to come from other events like concerts, trade shows, and corporate events. Being that this is Las Vegas, venues aren’t in short supply.

Mayor Goodman, a vocal supporter of the stadium, has decided that the only way to support the stadium is to get outside funding. While a proposal earlier this month would’ve had Las Vegas paying for over half of the cost of the stadium, a deal on the table right now leaves our city with only twenty three percent of the financial burden.

While it may be wishful thinking, perhaps we’re about to get a stadium of our own.

The Showcase Mall located on the Strip, was sold to a new ownership group in late may. The sale is rarity for Strip properties, as most owners tend to hold on to their properties forever, due to their great value and constant foot traffic.

An ownership group from New York bought 190,000 square feet of the property for 145 million dollars. The ownership group includes the Nakash family, who owns the Jordache jeans line. Though the family, and their partner Eli Gindi do not own the entirety of the property, they are majority owners of the land now. There are two other owners who have significantly less property control than the new group.

The family was not only attracted by the location and price of the property, but it was also attracted to the tenants of the property, which include Coca-Cola and M&M’s. One of the malls most iconic features is a giant Coke bottle that sits out front. The new owners plan to renovate the bottle, keeping its size, but making its presence more exciting. They are hoping that it will look something like the giant LED Coke bottle in Times Square.

People’s preferences are moving towards malls and retail centers on the strip, rather than casinos, and as this trend continues the Showcase will thrive.


Your professional movers here aren’t sure what to think about the new Denny’s soon to move to Las Vegas, but one thing is certain; it will be a hit! Taking advantage of the well known wedding scene in Vegas, Denny’s is opening its first location ever to feature an in-house wedding chapel! Catering will likely be a no-brainer those planning to wed at Denny’s upcoming location in Las Vegas; furthermore, Denny’s is expecting the novelty to attract large crowds… Something tells your Las Vegas relocation experts that the kitchen at Denny’s wedding chapel location will be quite the mad house!

Your Las Vegas mover is looking forward to cooler temperatures over the weekend! Expect temperatures to stay within the upper-eighties and lower-nineties. Moving in less-than-triple-digit temperatures is always great for Las Vegas professional moving companies; however, your movers here are always ready to get to work no matter how high the temperature climbs. Cooler weather isn’t the only Las Vegas surprise in store for the weekend; Sunday’s solar eclipse is also on the docket and will be highly visible thanks to the clear skies expected in the forecast. Your Las Vegas relocation specialists can’t wait!

Great news for anybody in Las Vegas who prefers a warmer winter; temperatures are expected to stay within the mid to upper sixties for a while! In fact, yesterday’s high of 68 degrees tied Las Vegas’ record for high January temperatures set back in 2007. Cold winds over the weekend are expected to disrupt the warmer weather pattern, but for no more than a couple of days before pleasant temperatures return. Your Las Vegas professional movers are always prepared for extreme conditions, cold weather included, but we are definitely looking forward to the nice temperatures sticking around! Planning to move this week? You may want to plan to move on or before Friday as this lovely weather we’re having will still be keeping your movers nice and comfortable!

The Las Vegas housing market has definitely seen more prosperous time; and unfortunately for home builders in Sin City, the decline in new home production has been on-going since 2009. Home Builders Research Inc. have seen almost nothing but declines in everything from new home sales to building permits when compared to data from previous years. Your Las Vegas residential mover was shocked to learn that the local housing market has been suffering as much as it has; however, research also indicates that growth in tourism and gaming in the Vegas area point to a much-sought-after economic recovery as soon as next year! Your professional relocation service providers in Las Vegas can hardly contain our excitement for the local housing market in 2012. It will be a Happy New Year indeed!


For those who have never experienced the phenomenon that will be taking place in Las Vegas this Friday, you are in for a treat –it is not too late! This Friday is November the eleventh, AKA: 11-11-11, and the second to the last date of its kind in Las Vegas for a long long while. In case you do not see the obvious pattern in the date, your Las Vegas mover will fill you in: The repetition of the number eleven is considered by many to be good luck, which is why so many people will travel to Las Vegas on Friday to cash in on the presumed good fortune the three elevens will conjure!

Your Las Vegas movers here can’t confirm or disconfirm any speculation regarding the upcoming superstitious events to occur here in Sin City to be true; however, each year when the date threepeats a number, thousands upon thousands of tourists relocate to Vegas to put their luck to the test. Your Las Vegas relocation specialists here will be far too busy to make it out to any roulette wheels or poker tables, but we are hoping to absorb some of the day’s good fortune while moving our customers! Gambling can be just as damaging as it can be rewarding, so you may hesitate to place wagers of any kind if you plan to visit on Friday. One thing is certain though, when Las Vegas is as crowded as it will be on 11/11/11, this city is a whole lot of fun! Good luck to all who will be visiting this Friday, your Las Vegas professional movers hope you enjoy your stay!

With all the moving in Las Vegas that we do, your local movers here know how challenging it can be to set up a new furniture arrangement. Given that a move to a new home can take a lot out of you, your most favorable option regarding furniture arrangement may be to just set it and forget it! However, just as a clean home is a happy home, a well-thought-out furniture arrangement in your home definitely makes for a happier household!

China is doing a lot of big things that are expected to boost the country’s economy to the biggest and most powerful in the world. This is thanks, in part, to some of China’s richest citizens. China is an extremely influential country, but there is one desire that many of China’s richest people share; getting out of China! International moving services come up a lot, and moving overseas is a far more complicated scenario than moving between zip codes. But your professional movers here are experts at all types of moves, even international services to move out of China!