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Moving with children

Moving with children isn’t as hard as it sounds. Moving to a new home can be a bit confusing for the little ones. Younger children need routine, so throughout the moving period, aim to keep your child’s schedules and routine normal. Follow these tips and see how easy it really is.

1. Let your children know you are thinking about relocating as soon as you know.
It’s good for the children to get used to the idea of moving. Don’t put it off until the end because you think your helping them; it’s the total opposite. Be short and to the point when trying to explain the move to younger children.

2. Involve the children.
Let your children go house haunting with you. Let them choose if they want a large back yard or a smaller one or even a pool. Open the lines of communication towards helping your children feel comfortable with moving.

3. Be positive about moving.
Your children feel your stress and anxiety about the up coming move. If you’re positive, and enthusiastic about the whole relocation then your children will feel the same way.

4. Let your children help.
Emphasize that this is a family event. Assure your children that their contributions are valued and appreciated. Let them pick out their rooms at the new house and the paint. Do point out the things that you know will be basically the same in their new home and community, such as having a backyard to play in and going to school.

Everything is about communication; your children will understand the life transition.

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