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Online booking…what happened to in-home estimates?

Over the years there’s been a steady increase in the use of technology in service oriented organizations.  Several services that were previously handled by an individual are now managed by computers or via phone instead of personal one-on-one care.

In the moving industry, online booking is on the rise.  Several Las Vegas moving companies allow potential customers to receive moving quotes through their online booking system.  Some provide a phone consultation with a customer service agent regarding your move and ask for a description of your belongings. In-home estimates are still around, but are primarily used for larger moves or long distance moves.  With most reputable Las Vegas movers you can still request an in-home estimate either way.  It’s really not a bad thing.  You now have a choice.  For those on the go, online booking is perfect.  Many consumers don’t have time to arrange an appointment, so booking over the phone works. And of course for those who like the personal touch can arrange for an in-home estimate.

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