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The miasmic mingling of sweat and nacho cheese, the indecipherable congealing of boos and cheers, and those jerks that wear the other team’s jersey. Going to see your team play in a stadium may have a few drawbacks, but it’s also great to experience. We’ve seen the city council propose building a stadium of one […]

Your professional movers here aren’t sure what to think about the new Denny’s soon to move to Las Vegas, but one thing is certain; it will be a hit! Taking advantage of the well known wedding scene in Vegas, Denny’s is opening its first location ever to feature an in-house wedding chapel! Catering will likely […]

Your Las Vegas mover is looking forward to cooler temperatures over the weekend! Expect temperatures to stay within the upper-eighties and lower-nineties. Moving in less-than-triple-digit temperatures is always great for Las Vegas professional moving companies; however, your movers here are always ready to get to work no matter how high the temperature climbs. Cooler weather […]

Great news for anybody in Las Vegas who prefers a warmer winter; temperatures are expected to stay within the mid to upper sixties for a while! In fact, yesterday’s high of 68 degrees tied Las Vegas’ record for high January temperatures set back in 2007. Cold winds over the weekend are expected to disrupt the […]

The Las Vegas housing market has definitely seen more prosperous time; and unfortunately for home builders in Sin City, the decline in new home production has been on-going since 2009. Home Builders Research Inc. have seen almost nothing but declines in everything from new home sales to building permits when compared to data from previous […]

China is doing a lot of big things that are expected to boost the country’s economy to the biggest and most powerful in the world. This is thanks, in part, to some of China’s richest citizens. China is an extremely influential country, but there is one desire that many of China’s richest people share; getting […]

Commuting between Henderson and Las Vegas is about to get a whole lot easier! Two new express bus routes are in the works and will soon be offering two-dollar bus passes for convenient transit into the cities’ downtown areas. Considering the cost of fuel and also the fact that these will be express buses, two […]

Single women seem to really dig Las Vegas living! And what’s not to love about Vegas? There are lots of Las Vegas trademarks which seem to beckon single ladies to move here. Las Vegas is famous for its wedding chapels, and for single women with marriage on the brain this is an obvious plus. Casinos […]