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For those who have never experienced the phenomenon that will be taking place in Las Vegas this Friday, you are in for a treat –it is not too late! This Friday is November the eleventh, AKA: 11-11-11, and the second to the last date of its kind in Las Vegas for a long long while. […]

With all the moving in Las Vegas that we do, your local movers here know how challenging it can be to set up a new furniture arrangement. Given that a move to a new home can take a lot out of you, your most favorable option regarding furniture arrangement may be to just set it […]

China is doing a lot of big things that are expected to boost the country’s economy to the biggest and most powerful in the world. This is thanks, in part, to some of China’s richest citizens. China is an extremely influential country, but there is one desire that many of China’s richest people share; getting […]

Commuting between Henderson and Las Vegas is about to get a whole lot easier! Two new express bus routes are in the works and will soon be offering two-dollar bus passes for convenient transit into the cities’ downtown areas. Considering the cost of fuel and also the fact that these will be express buses, two […]

Summer isn’t quite over, and that means there are still a whole lot of people moving in Las Vegas. Hiring a moving company may be on the to-do list for many families on the move, so your Las Vegas relocation service experts want to give you a quick tip on hiring the best movers for […]

Does your interior décor stand out amongst the crowd? Daring to be different can be the foundation for a marvelously eccentric home which guests will find enviable more often than not. What is it that sets your home’s interior apart? Your Las Vegas professional movers want to know what conversation pieces complete your home’s look! […]

Before moving into a new home, what you have is an empty building.  The vacant space makes for an easy-to-clean floor which will soon be partially covered up by the furniture and appliances your Las Vegas movers will lug inside soon.  A clean floor is part of a clean home, and a clean home is […]

Almost anybody can agree that a clean home is a happy home, and while it can be a hassle at times, keeping your abode neat and free of clutter and messiness actually does you a lot more good than you may realize. Whether you use your time at home to get work done –such as […]

The Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas will soon be but a near sixty-year-old memory as it will close in May.  A truly historic piece of Vegas’ legacy, the Sahara Casino and Hotel has seen Rat-Pack-era greats such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin and Peter Lawford grace its legendary stages; it is likely […]

If you haven’t heard the news, one of the candidates for Las Vegas mayor is the co-founder of the new-fangled ‘Tequila Party’ about which you may soon be hearing much.  George Harris, ex-Republican operative and current owner of local Vegas restaurant, Alien Tequila Spirits Co.  Some early critiquing suggests that Harris is focused primarily on […]