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Las Vegas Movers Gearing Up for 11/11/11 Moves

For those who have never experienced the phenomenon that will be taking place in Las Vegas this Friday, you are in for a treat –it is not too late! This Friday is November the eleventh, AKA: 11-11-11, and the second to the last date of its kind in Las Vegas for a long long while. In case you do not see the obvious pattern in the date, your Las Vegas mover will fill you in: The repetition of the number eleven is considered by many to be good luck, which is why so many people will travel to Las Vegas on Friday to cash in on the presumed good fortune the three elevens will conjure!

Your Las Vegas movers here can’t confirm or disconfirm any speculation regarding the upcoming superstitious events to occur here in Sin City to be true; however, each year when the date threepeats a number, thousands upon thousands of tourists relocate to Vegas to put their luck to the test. Your Las Vegas relocation specialists here will be far too busy to make it out to any roulette wheels or poker tables, but we are hoping to absorb some of the day’s good fortune while moving our customers! Gambling can be just as damaging as it can be rewarding, so you may hesitate to place wagers of any kind if you plan to visit on Friday. One thing is certain though, when Las Vegas is as crowded as it will be on 11/11/11, this city is a whole lot of fun! Good luck to all who will be visiting this Friday, your Las Vegas professional movers hope you enjoy your stay!

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