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Las Vegas Mayor Race Gets Interesting

If you haven’t heard the news, one of the candidates for Las Vegas mayor is the co-founder of the new-fangled ‘Tequila Party’ about which you may soon be hearing much.  George Harris, ex-Republican operative and current owner of local Vegas restaurant, Alien Tequila Spirits Co.  Some early critiquing suggests that Harris is focused primarily on drumming up business for his restaurant.  Harris contrarily remarks that his focus is geared toward “healing the nation’s immigration wounds and promoting Mexican culture.”  Other than the birth of the new political Tequila Party, we have yet to see any assemblies or gatherings of any kind in support of the new candidate.  Las Vegas movers here don’t know near enough information in the matter to make an initial opinion regarding the Tequila Party, but any relocation services needed to set up a convention or a rally are just a phone call away for George Harris!

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