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Pro Soccer Coming To Las Vegas?

Proposed Stadium Rendering via Cornish Cos.

The miasmic mingling of sweat and nacho cheese, the indecipherable congealing of boos and cheers, and those jerks that wear the other team’s jersey. Going to see your team play in a stadium may have a few drawbacks, but it’s also great to experience. We’ve seen the city council propose building a stadium of one sort or another every few years, but this Soccer Stadium could be the time it happens.

The main reason we don’t have a stadium is that it wouldn’t make enough money. With teams playing only seventeen home games per season, revenue would need to come from other events like concerts, trade shows, and corporate events. Being that this is Las Vegas, venues aren’t in short supply.

Mayor Goodman, a vocal supporter of the stadium, has decided that the only way to support the stadium is to get outside funding. While a proposal earlier this month would’ve had Las Vegas paying for over half of the cost of the stadium, a deal on the table right now leaves our city with only twenty three percent of the financial burden.

While it may be wishful thinking, perhaps we’re about to get a stadium of our own.

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