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Should I tip my movers?

This question is raised frequently amongst families and individuals facing a move of any sort.  The answer is quite simple.  Tips are customary when you enjoy the service provided.  When you experience quality service from a top-notch moving company you will be inclined to tip. 

Our Las Vegas movers will certainly give you a reason to appreciate the first-rate moving service we provide.  You can tip each mover based upon your level of satisfaction with their treatment of your household goods.  Ordinarily moving tips can be gauged anywhere from five to seven percent of your total local move bill.  When moving long distance the tipping is recommended at the origin of the move and at the end of the move and can range from $40-$200 per person depending on size and time-frame of your move.  All in all tipping is not required from reputable moving companies.  It is the sole discretion of the customer.  Any haggling by a moving crew member should be reported to the moving company. 

Other than money, providing non-alcoholic beverages or lunch for all day or extended moves is appreciated by hardworking movers as well.

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