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When we think of Las Vegas we tend to think of the gaming industry. Most people are aware of colorful characters like Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky who helped bring casinos to Las Vegas. However fewer are aware of our rich history of business and do not know much about business people who made their […]

The Showcase Mall located on the Strip, was sold to a new ownership group in late may. The sale is rarity for Strip properties, as most owners tend to hold on to their properties forever, due to their great value and constant foot traffic. An ownership group from New York bought 190,000 square feet of […]

Judging a book by its cover is something that we all tend to do. Employers practice this as do consumers. If you are seeking a new position of employment, be it with a new company or your current employer, your résumé is the book cover by which you will be judged. Selling ourselves is necessary. As […]

Moving is normally a task that happens after a few months of proper planning. However, there are situations that arise in life that call for a prompt transition.  In those instances, there are Las Vegas movers that have experience executing a last minute move.  So, whether you need to move this week or even today, […]

Our next extended weekend is just around the corner.  Memorial Day is not just a time for barbeques and swim parties, but some take advantage of the extra day to complete complex projects around the home.  Moving in Las Vegas is one of them.  Since this holiday falls at the end of the month, several […]

Finding a Las Vegas mover who is licensed and insured is a prerequisite to scheduling a move in Vegas.  No need to put your home and furnishings in jeopardy by hiring movers that are not professional and fail to comply with industry standards.  Pressure to settle for a second-rate mover is high given our economic […]

This question is raised frequently amongst families and individuals facing a move of any sort.  The answer is quite simple.  Tips are customary when you enjoy the service provided.  When you experience quality service from a top-notch moving company you will be inclined to tip.  Our Las Vegas movers will certainly give you a reason […]