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Tips For a Strong Résumé

Judging a book by its cover is something that we all tend to do. Employers practice this as do consumers. If you are seeking a new position of employment, be it with a new company or your current employer, your résumé is the book cover by which you will be judged. Selling ourselves is necessary. As an employee, you hold your position because you met or exceeded the expectations your employer had for their ideal candidate. You sold yourself. If you think about it, you’ll likely conclude that the concept of a job-applicant’s résumé is not much different from advertisements produced by a successful business. The purpose of a résumé, just like an advertisement, is to sell yourself. The “cover” of your “book” will indicate to the “reader” the type of content to expect inside.

Here are just a few tips for composing a strong résumé with rich content.

  • Pinpoint Employer’s Needs
    The company you are targeting isn’t looking for just anybody to fill the position. So show that you are the right choice for your future position by restating what your target employer already knows they need in an ideal candidate. As a reputable Las Vegas mover, many of our advertisements show our future customers that we are the right choice because we know exactly what they need in a local moving company. It is a simple but extremely effective concept which will quickly grab your future employer’s attention right off the bat.
  • Sell the Benefits of Your Skills
    Now that you have grabbed the employer’s attention, hang on to it! Elaborate on your skills and how they relate to your new position so that you stand out among the multiple other applicants. Professional moving companies all offer moving services, but what sets reputable movers apart from the rest? Professionally skilled employees, credentials such as being licensed and insured, offering a broad range of service options (disassembly/reassembly of furniture, full or partial packing service, furniture wrapping, same day service, etc)… These are just a few examples of the benefits a reputable Las Vegas mover will have to offer. A mover with options will win your business over a “one-size-fits-all” moving company any day of the week. Keep this in mind and your target employer will surely keep on reading.
  • Provide References
    Listing references is really a no-brainer for any résumé artist. If you know exactly what an employer is looking for, you can easily incorporate this knowledge into your résumé. However; with no previous employers or affiliates willing to vouch for your claims of greatness, your chances of nailing that new position are very slim. Be sure to list strong references so that your future employer knows you mean business. There are several organizations in the moving industry that help consumers make a smart decision when it comes to hiring movers just by putting in a good word for the best Las Vegas movers. It is a huge advantage as a professional moving company to be affiliated with such organizations. It tells potential customers that what they’ve heard so far is not too good to be true and that hiring this mover is the way to go. A good list of strong references will leave your future employer feeling good about their hiring decision as well, so don’t sell yourself short. Finish off with references which up the rest of your résumé and your potential employers will have your phone ringing off the hook.
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